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The UHNW Business Club & Magazine

UHNW Business Club Magazine

Discover the very best of the UHNW world in our exclusive-members only magazine.


We are pleased to present a preview of our Members Only UHNW Magazine featuring key UHNW Industry Leaders from around the world.

Making the cover of this issue is Mr Pascal Raffy, Owner of the House of Bovet, who alongside other featured UHNW Leaders, have contributed their stories and offered a rare insight into this unique environment.

The magazine is published in print twice yearly to our members, offering the opportunity to educate your brand to our 1000+ UHNW Members and Clients over a six month period.

To discuss your involvement in the next edition contact us at


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Members Only magazine dedicated to our valued UHNW Business Club members.

Privately distributed at our in-house and partner events, as well as among the club members and VIPs.

The Magazine is published twice a year, featuring a spring/summer and an autumn/winter edition.

Printed issues: 1,000 Distributed to HNW and UHNWI's

Online: 8,000 Readers

Prime locations: The Principality of Monaco | Switzerland | UK | France | US

Advertisement opportunities:

  • Double-page advertisement: 4,800€ per issue
  • 6 pages feature interview: 5,800€ per issue
  • 10 pages feature interview + double-page advertisement: 5,800€ per issue
  • Front cover inside double-page advertisement: 12,000€ per issue
  • Back cover advertisement: 16,000€ per issue
  • Magazine cover & 8 pages feature interview: 25,000€ per issue

For advertising inquiries please contact:

The next booking deadline is: 01 December 2020

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