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UHNW Business Club

Networking for UHNW Industry Leaders


The UHNW Business Club connects industry leaders from the HNW and UHNW environments and provides our members with exclusive opportunities to network. 

As a distinguished member of the club, you will have the opportunity to interact and converse with our members who all share a common goal, to create and share deal flow together.

If you are seeking to build relationships with UHNW leaders from Monaco, then the UHNW Business Club provides the right forum to do so.

The UHNW team look forward to welcoming you to the club and meeting you at our events in Monaco.

Apply to become a member today and experience the UHNW Business Club.

Kindest regards,

Andre C Perry

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The Club


We provide you, the HNW and UHNW industry leader with a professional forum that delivers key opportunities to interact and establish strategic relationships with business leaders from Monaco and around the world.


Our quarterly events held in Monaco are designed to be intimate with less than forty members in attendance. This ensures we provide you with the right atmosphere to engage one-to-one with your fellow club members.