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UHNW Business Club

Networking for UHNW Industry Leaders


The UHNW Business Club connects industry leaders from the HNW and UHNW environments and provides our members with exclusive opportunities to network effect within this niche demographic. Individual and Corporate Membership to the UHNW Business Club opens the door to our private exceptional networking and UHNW business topic events. Our member events are held quarterly in Monaco and are exclusively for members only.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club.

​Andre C Perry


“Just got home from a fantastic event hosted by the UHNW Business Club. A truly enjoyable evening of networking with UHNW industry leaders made some excellent connections in splendid surroundings. One of the best events I’ve attended.” –
Attendee LS

“Thanks for the invitation; I enjoyed meeting you and other people from the area I have never been in touch with so far, although Monaco is extremely small.” – Attendee from the Monaco Government

“Thank very much for such a successful evening. Perfectly organized no false bling-bling but authentic and very interesting people from all over the planet. Perfect Organisation in a very authentic place in Monaco. Very well done!” –
Attendee / Monaco Palace Project Manager

“I found it was an excellent avenue to establish new relationships with actual key business leaders between Monaco and London”
Attendee AL

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The Club


We provide you, the HNW and UHNW industry leader with a professional forum that delivers key opportunities to interact and establish strategic relationships with business leaders from Monaco and around the world.


As a distinguished Elite member of the UHNW Business Club, you will have access to our exclusive private database/directory of registered UHNW businesses, leaders and members from Monaco, London and around the world. Our intelligence allows you to instant message, follow companies and share information with individuals which are of interest to your company. With over 2000 Monaco based members and 6000 global members, our members area lets you connect online and then 1-2-1 at our private events.


Our quarterly events held either in Monaco, are designed to be intimate with less than forty key UHNW industry leaders in attendance. This ensures we provide you with the right atmosphere to engage one-to-one with your fellow club members.

“Those Who Follow The Crowd Usually Get Lost In It.”

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