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The Man Behind Diamonds in Monaco

VITALE 1913 Monaco

A multilingual entrepreneur, environmental advocate, and university associate professor, Alberto Domenico Vitale is a fourth-generation diamond expert and Founder and President of VITALE 1913 Monaco.

A jeweler renowned for their craftsmanship and spectacular creations using only the finest and rarest of stones, the intricate designs of a VITALE 1913 creation are synonymous with timeless elegance and aesthetics. The VITALE 1913 team has unparalleled knowledge and experience in managing the collections of fine jewelry for their discerning clients.

Born in Vercelli, Italy, Mr Vitale is a fourth-generation diamond jeweler with a rich family history dating back to the opulent Royal House of the Bourbon Palace in Naples in the 1600’s. Following his university studies, Mr Vitale began his career in the diamond industry as a diamond dealer based in Valenza, Italy working with his grandfather and father to create beautiful jewelry and advising individuals and companies on diamonds by investment.

Alberto Domenico Vitale, Founder and President of VITALE 1913 Monaco
Alberto Domenico Vitale, Founder and President of VITALE 1913 Monaco

In 1999, he applied his knowledge and skill in finance and commerce to establish ‘Monaco Business Instruments’ a consultancy focused on marketing and technology. Mr Vitale consulted for some of the world’s largest companies including ABN AMRO (Monaco), ING (Monaco), Julius Baer (Monaco), Rabel ART & Bijous Gallery Monaco, Lenti & Villasco and more. During this time, Mr Vitale invested his time as a contributing author to multiple magazines published by the University of Milan.

In 2000, recognised for his tenacity and creativity, Mr Vitale won the ‘Best Entrepreneurs Idea’ award in Monaco whilst completing his Masters in Economy and Commerce, Human Resources and Business Communication as well as undertaking a role as a Professor at CNOSFAP in Cuneo, Italy.

VITALE 1913 Monaco
Photo: VITALE 1913 Monaco

After encountering great success with investors and wishing to further enhance his family heritage, Mr Vitale founded VITALE 1913 S.A.R.L. in Monaco in 2008, continuing to expand upon the company’s success of working with the biggest names in French and Italian jewellery commenting 

I was mixing my family history of jewellery manufacturing and my expertise in finance, and began offering structured proposals and personalised solutions, for everyone from a father wanting to buy diamonds for his daughters to a professional investor wishing to spend a million euros” said Mr Vitale, Founder and President of VITALE 1913 Monaco.

In addition to creating beautiful handmade bespoke jewellery, VITALE 1913 are the connoisseurs of investment diamonds. An investment which allows you to diversify your portfolio, differentiating itself from other financial instruments such as real estate, immovable and moveable assets, gold and other commodities. This rare gemstone, contrary to all other assets that you may own, are not subject to inflation and price changes, affected by the volatility of market. 

Diamonds are not subjected to particular laws and other forms of monopoly by international organisations. Thus, enabling you to invest in a protected asset that allows you to manage and protect your wealth, whilst it maintains a high and consistent price performance. Diamonds withstand inflation better and despite price fluctuations, their value is always on the rise, increasing an average of between 8% and 15% per annum. Additionally, in the case of inheritance, diamonds fall under the gemstone and arts category and are (in for most countries) exempt from inheritance taxes. Therefore, diamonds are considered as an excellent medium to long-term investment.

VITALE 1913 Monaco
Photo: VITALE 1913 Monaco

To educate individuals on the complexities of diamond investment and market trends, Mr Vitale holds private one-day training courses in his showroom. The courses are presented by two GIA and HRD certified Gemmologists in four languages – English, French, Italian and Russian in his gemology laboratory in Monaco.

Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline and The Principality of Monaco, VITALE 1913’s collections reflect themes that are close to their heart and represent their founding philosophies. Their first collection was released in 2008 and dedicated to the flower of love, the rose, in connection with the reopening of the Princess Grace of Monaco Rose Garden.

Through their unique fine jewellery creations, VITALE 1913 continues to educate and drive awareness of sustainability in order to preserve the incredible richness and diversity of our oceans. Their collection “Merveilles des Oceans” incorporates naturally broken coral into beautiful, wearable, diamond pieces, paying homage to our deep attachment to the sublime Mediterranean.

As individuals in Monaco, we are extremely fortunate in our security, however, when travelling abroad with jewellery it is paramount to take into consideration the security limitations of other countries. Every day I work with my clients to ensure the safe transportation and security of their most precious jewels.
— Alberto Domenico Vitale
Founder and President of VITALE 1913 Monaco

In 2020, Mr Vitale created The Jewellery Safe, which provides clients with peace-of-mind asset protection and specialised management of their most precious jewels and watches. Every aspect of your jewellery, through the creation, purchase, valuation, storage, and after-care is designed with the utmost care to meet your needs. 

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