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Transforming Luxury in Monaco

Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco

Art Director, Art Consultant, Television Host, Entrepreneur and CEO Gianluca Gaudio leads Gaudio Group in Monaco, a Monegasque television network broadcasting three luxury channels across the Principality of Monaco and Europe.

TV Art Live, LUXE TV and Museum TV are all Monaco based and broadcast directly into every home and hotel in Monaco. Dedicated to art and luxury, all three channels showcase rare and alluring items from art, rare timepieces and vintage cars to restaurants, hotels and experiences for the ultra-high net-worth consumer. 

These luxury channels have become to go-to channels for national and international collectors, supported by an extensive network of collaborators. Mr Gaudio manages the works from many collectors, family and family offices who choose art as an alternative asset and investment. 

Located on the famous F1 hairpin in the Fairmont Hotel in Monte-Carlo, the Gaudio Group’s new ultra-luxury showroom is available to the public by appointment to view the latest contemporary, modern, classic or ancient art works and fine luxury items for sale. 

Founded in 2017, the Gaudio Group was formed by Mr Gaudio and driven by his passion for bringing people and art together. Following a successful background in Art Media and starting his journey with a diploma in classical studies, Mr Gaudio went on to attend the Faculty of Political Science in Urbino. However, his innate passion for pictorial art and design led him to quit university and engage in his artistic career full time. He decided to undertake artistic training by attending specialization courses in contemporary and modern art history, public speaking, non-verbal communication and auctioning techniques.

Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco
Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco

His real career began in 1994, when he became the art director of the Spagnoli Gallery in Florence, where he organized and coordinated auctions of important paintings throughout Italy. The years he spent working at the Spagnoli Gallery significantly helped him to increase his knowledge of the art world and improve his speaking skills in English and French.

In 2001, Mr Gaudio accepted a media challenge and began to deal with television sales of pictorial works, antique carpets and watches for the most important Italian television companies in the industry.

Having travelled extensively between London and New York for work over an 8-year period, Gianluca embraced Street Art and became interested in Graffiti Art and the new Italian Vanguard. Back in Italy, he worked with Vittorio Sgarbi to spread and promote Street Art in his country.

He was the curator of the Street Art exhibition entitled “Dai Graffiti alla Pittura”, first hosted at the PAC contemporary art space in Milan and later at the prestigious museums of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, with the patronage of the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute of Sao Paulo.

In 2010 he was the artistic director of the exhibition “Parole d’Artista” by Marco Nereo Rotelli at the Royal Palace of Milan and the Ca’ Pesaro Museum the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

The next year, Mr Gaudio was called to China to curate an exhibition by contemporary artist Xu De Qi at the Jinan Museum and the city’s university campus.

In 2012 he was the curator of Mario Schifano’s personal exhibition at the Civic Museum of Arezzo, in collaboration with the museum’s director Fabio Migliorati and the Councilor for Culture.

Mr Gaudio’s strong aesthetic sense, his passion for art and design, his interpersonal skills and extensive media experience were the driving motives that led to the creation of TEOS.TV, founded in 2014. It is an online and TV network dedicated to exceptional works and creations from around the world and their creators. He produces and hosts the television broadcasts discussing lifestyle, art and design, successful brands and people, hospitality, innovation and technology and valuable properties. The channel can be watched on the streaming TV platform FilmOn (the world’s largest live streaming TV and VOD platform, with cable television in the US and Europe serving over 70 million unique visitors every month), in the fashion area, alongside Italy’s famous haute-couture fashion brands.

Immersed in Monaco, Mr Gaudio saw firsthand the market changing, and understood to stay in front of the market and the serviceability of his UHNW clients, Gaudio Group needed to expand its offering into the market. 

Whilst continuing to offer Art by investment across the various TV channels, the group conducts private events and invested into adding new partners to the portfolio. In 2019, Gaudio Group became the exclusive agents for BOVET 1822 timepieces in Monaco. BOVET 1822 are a high horology brand, and its collectors are some of the wealthiest watch collectors in the world.

Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco
Mr Gianluca Gaudio showcaseing the Bovet 1822 watches in Monaco

We asked Mr Gaudio, what does it take to be successful in 2020 within the UHNW environment?

In 2020, you need to create a holistic approach and service to these very special clients. If you are an advertising client of ours, you will soon realize that we offer much more than just a television platform in which to advertise. We pride ourselves of being able to offer our clients fantastic television coverage, communication reach directly to over 2000 Monaco residents, event planning and other specialized activities. By creating this unique position, we are able to introduce brands 1-2-1 directly to the HNW or UHNWI through these platforms. We offer a true B2B, B2C and televised approach.

If you are investing with us in art or other luxury goods, we invite you to our ultra-exclusive showroom to visit and relax in the heart of Monte-Carlo.

We work with the world renowned and respected brands and artists from Basquiat, Picasso, Caravaggio to Mr. Brainwash and more. We are highly focused on the UHNW client experience and inside our showroom you will see brands such as BOVET 1822 and Rudis Sylva timepieces on display for example. These brands cater exclusively to this very special market. 

We also have an in-house boutique luxury marketing company who specialize specifically on Monaco and the UHNW demographic called Club 98000. They develop and manage our campaigns including developing bespoke activations and events for our clients.

In our private events, we have created special experiences for brands like Pininfarina, Ocean Alexander Yachts, BOVET 1822 and many more along with producing the videography of these events. We always try to incorporate an event to support the marketing activity we do for the client so we give the them the opportunity to interact 1-2-1 with the potential clients” – says Mr Gaudio.

Why Monaco?

Monaco is the ultimate luxury location in the world. If you are a premium brand and you are not represented in Monaco, you really need to consider being here, or at least promoting your brand here. One out of three people in Monaco are considered HNW, which means a fantastic opportunity to get your brand seen in this exclusive market. Additionally, there are over 700 world class events held in the Principality each year, and we also hold our own private events regularly at our showroom here in Monaco, so there is always an opportunity to showcase your brand here” – explains Mr Gaudio.

Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco
Gianluca Gaudio, CEO of Gaudio Group in Monaco

What is the holistic approach you speak about?

Because we operate in a very special market segment, we know what it takes to create results in the Principality of Monaco. For example, it is very common for us to conduct a televised campaign together with a direct campaign to the residents, and then give the potential clients a forum in which to interact 1-2-1 with the brand, which is our private events. On top of this, we also offer selected brands the opportunity to showcase their brand in our showroom on a regular basis and on our television channels” – says Mr Gaudio.

Any other tips?

You must be committed to this market. Monaco is the right place to be, but commitment means you need to be invested in building your brand across the Monaco market. Make sure you take a holistic approach to marketing and developing this niche market, too often people have a short-term outlook, whereas the reality is, you need to invest your time to be successful within this nice demographic” – tells us Mr Gaudio.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite saying is “do it now, don’t wait”. There are always plenty of reasons on why not to do something, but you only need one to take action.

My other favorite saying is “forget the rest, invest with the best”.”.

Final Words?

We are here to help luxury brands BE SEEN in Monaco and help them create results. With our team in Monaco and based on our previous results, we are in the best position to ensure your success in The Principality of Monaco.

See you soon in Monaco”.

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