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Monaco – Home of the Rich and Famous

Monaco - Casino

The Principality of Monaco is located on the spectacular backdrop of the French Riviera where your dreams transform into reality. This modest country, the second smallest in the world following the Vatican City, attracts not only seasonal visitors but also successful business owners, entrepreneurs and international personalities.

A true Mediterranean atmosphere awaits you with mild winters and fabulous summers with an annual average temperature of 16.6 °C. Accompanied by 9.7 hours of sunshine daily and over 300 sun filled days per year, Monaco is a beautiful location to visit or call your home.

The Grimaldi family has ruled this role model, zero-debt country for over 700 years, maintaining a close relationship with the 9,000 Monégasques and approximately 39,000 residents. The community of the Principality offers solace and safety for many international athletes, innovators, scientists, influential business leaders and entrepreneurs. Monaco also has an above-average life expectancy of 89.5 years, the lengthiest in the world. Voted one of the happiest places to live on earth, an air of positivity, peace and luxury shines throughout the Principality and its culture each day.

The Principality of Monaco is the undisputed home of the rich and famous, however, anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the Principality will understand that Monaco has much deeper values, and its commitments to safeguard the Monégasque heritage and family values is paramount.

Hosting more than 700 events per year, Monaco offers a true cultural hub reflective of its heritage. The exceptional Monte-Carlo Ballet, the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra and other prestigious events such as the Bal de Rose and the Red Cross Gala contribute to the opulence and glamour of this sophisticated destination.


Monaco is part of the European Monetary Zone called the Eurozone. However, Monaco is not a member of the European Union. The European Union respects the identity and the rules of the Principality allowing harmonious economic development to the benefit of both parties.

To summarize, living in a zero debt, environmentally sustainable wealthy country is a privilege. The cultural and artistic influence of the Principality of Monaco is worthy of the greatest European capitals. This ultra-rich environment offers multiple luxury and lifestyle services, however the Principality values exceptional family and security care above all else.

The Princely Family maintains a close relationship with the Monégasque people and its residents. For example, people who were born and raised in the Principality refer to H.S.H. Prince Rainier III (Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi; 31 May 1923 – 6 April 2005), the father of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, as the grandfather of Monaco. Some locals refer to Him as “Le Patron” illustrating the love between The Princely Family and the people.

Relocating your family to Monaco could prove to be one of the most satisfying decisions you could make for you and your family’s future.

There are many lifestyle and financial benefits that the Principality offers its residents. As we look to the future, it is becoming increasing necessary to look for safer environments in which to live or invest in. 

Monaco’s future developments and initiatives ensure that it keeps at the forefront of economic development and at the same time, continues to strive to improve the lives of its residents.

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