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Opening the Horizons for UHNW Art Collectors

Secrets of Art Magazine

Dorottya Novak is an established artist and the owner of the Secrets of Art Magazine. Her goal is to bring art closer to people and to ensure art collectors the variety of opportunities to develop their admiration into valuable and long lasting investments.

The art world is evolving as more and more wealthy art collectors and millennial collectors continue to invest into art, developing new channels for their art to gain value (e.g. private museums), making a significant impact on the art industry. We decided to reach out to Ms Novak to get her insight on the UHNW segment.

Not so long ago art collectors collected masterpieces for considerations such as appreciation of aesthetics, investment and naturally because of social impact. Now-days, thanks to the digital transformation more and more people aim to join the aims and activities of the community of HNW and UHNW collectors” – says Ms Novak.

Dorottya Novak
Dorottya Novak, owner of Secrets of Art Magazine

It is in our human nature that we are often socially influenced by things that others do: following others, purchasing similar items, going with the trends in the hope of social acceptance. If a product is admired by many others then it can’t be wrong, right? One cannot make a difference by following the crowd and doing the same things as others. It’s part of our lives to leave our footprints and it all starts by freeing ourselves from our social limitations.

When it comes to collectible items, many people make the mistake of investing for financial returns. Nevertheless, established ultra-high-net-worth individuals often reach the point where their appreciation takes over the price tag. When you are able to invest into your passion, you will definitely enjoy the journey.

One of the most challenging thing in life is to allow our passion to bloom like a flower in a way that creates significant value as well. This is exactly what unique entrepreneurs do. They often defy the odds in order to follow their inner voices. And often these brave people are rewarded in life” – says Ms Novak.

The current trends confirm Ms Novak’s philosophy, since today’s wealthy art collectors prefer to engage in unique opportunities and immersive experiences.

Secrets of Art Magazine
Secrets of Art Magazine

There are many ways to open up the horizons for HNW and UHNW art collectors. Social media is one platform, however many art advisors and galleries are organising private viewings, studio visits and various experience tours filled with art performances or unique guided tours, in order to create enthusiasm and excitement among the collectors. 

The real opportunity starts when we are able to reach beyond the events and encourage young art collectors to discover art as a form of passion and investment” – says Ms Novak.

Ms Novak and her team are also focusing to open up and widen the horizons for wealthy art collectors but in a very different way. The Secrets of Art Magazine is not the typical art magazine. It doesn’t cover art news at all. It’s core aim is to offer valuable knowledge for art lovers and art collectors. It addresses them through various industry experts, art advocates without over mystifying the art world.

Appreciation starts by understanding things around us, because art is everywhere. You can find the artists’ touch in a car, a dress, in a unique timepiece, in almost everything that surrounds us. Beauty is not necessarily about functionality, it is something much deeper, aiming to evoke emotions.

For many decades art as an asset was considered the black sheep in the investment market, even if it never looses its value to zero like what we can see on the stock market. However, new opportunities rise with new experiences.

It is very interesting to see the growth of private museums in the past 10 years. Many art collectors are starting to open a part of their collection to the great public. We are in an era, which is an important milestone for the art world, filled with public-private initiatives and art democratisation” – says Ms Novak.

Secrets of Art Magazine
Secrets of Art Magazine

This is the second year for the Secrets of Art Magazine. It is a privately distributed magazine with a reader base of significant art collectors, HNW and UHNW art lovers and those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture.

The ultimate goal of the Secrets of Art Magazine is highlighting the importance of creativity and art as channels for change, and for the promotion of aesthetics in other areas of life. It is about exceptional people who are committed to change, advocates of art and artists.” – summarises it Ms Novak.

In realizing this, uplifting and motivating stories, supportive advices, insights and interviews from all over the world are brought together in one place, bringing art closer to everyone. 

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