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Alan Waxman is a unique real-estate designer for the UHNW Sector. In the past 20 years, his flagship company, Landmass has designed and developed over 60 residential properties in London, receiving awards such as “Best Residential Property in London” or “Best Interior Design in the UK”.

Globally, the change of current market conditions has led to a massive choice of properties available, in both London and Monaco, and finding value has become increasingly challenging and important.

Since more than a year now Mr Waxman actively helps Monaco residents to create a better living space and a greater investment value for their properties. And there is no wonder why since the values of the Monaco properties grew 71% over the past 10 years, making real-estate investment in the Principality as one of the most secure investment portfolio.

In the Principality of Monaco the aggregate value of all transactions (first-time sales and resales of existing properties) rose by 4.4% to almost three billion euros (€2.8 bn). After a marked increase (+18.1%) in 2018, the price per square metre fell slightly (by 1.3%) but remains above €48,000.

Landmass works to find the ideal solution to provide a unique space and design tailored to each individuals’ needs.  As buyers are becoming more and more discerning, Landmass is now taking a new approach of supporting private clients, as well as established investors and developers with improvements to their schemes. Moreover, for this reason they are turning their focus to the Monaco market as well.

Since Monaco has the most expensive real-estate market in the world we were wondering whether Landmass can share with us their “secrets source”.

We believe that every property has a hidden value. As each buyer is different, we know that there is no blueprint solution for a property – from the first steps of development to the architecture, interior design and finishes; the effort taken to improve the flow and use of the limited space is always well rewarded.

Using their expertise gained in the competitive London market, we asked Mr Waxman about his option on the biggest real-estate challenge in Monaco.

Whether London or Monaco, the available living space is often quite small, even when buying a luxury property. The number of rooms and square meters given can provide a challenge to create a welcoming home. This is why, space planning and the right usage of space should be at the core of any interior design – whether a one-bedroom apartment or a penthouse. As everyone is different also the ideal use of space can vary depending on personal requirements, but ultimately will not only improve the layout of your apartment, but to your general well-being.” 

Alan Waxman
Alan Waxman

Mr Waxman established his reputation in London in the United Kingdom, and giving his exemplary experience in property development we were curious about his advice for people who are investing into real-estate.

Always focus on the planning of layout and space, because the quality of the basic product is the core of every property. For instance we always apply our trademarked concept of Volumetric Layout Design, before selecting the finishing touches, such as prints and wallpapers.

Clever interior design can not only attract a buyer but can improve the value of your home.  It is evident that space is one of the most valuable assets for anybody. Therefore the right approach to space planning involves maximum utilisation of all available space in the most efficient and effective way. Whether for investment purposes or the demands of a family, these interior design strategies may help you boost the value of your property when it’s time to sell. 

Getting the right look for your property can be the difference between selling at a very high price and struggling to sell. In Monaco – where property purchases are mostly investments of passion, rather than driven by a need to buy – heightening that feeling of emotion when people walk through the door is the magical formula to a successful design and thereafter a successful sale. Interior design should not be too faddish in a property you are selling, as this may alienate buyers. A simple and elegant design style where less is more is a safe bet. A relatively neutral design would appeal to a wider audience and help avoid rooms dating quickly.

Landmass is always looking forward to support new and existing home owners in London and Monaco with improved layouts of their apartments to transform them into light-filled and welcoming homes. Their design style is more simple and elegant, arguably the most challenging, but also the most distinguished and rewarding for the modern era.

Photo via Landmass
Photo via Landmass

3 Top Tips for smart storage options in smaller flats:

1) Raise the bed: Take advantage of the hidden space under the bed to store bins, boxes and other bulky items. To add extra inches, invest in bed risers (make sure to add a lengthened bed skirt to cover the risers/storage space). The raised bed looks even more elegant and as a bonus provides more hidden storage!

‍2) Shelving: Utilise your wall space to mount floating shelves, hang your television on the wall or install a headboard with shelves (thus alleviating the need for a television stand or two nightstands). You can use the height of the walls as well investing in tall bookshelves and furniture that is taller than it is wide. Varying the height of your furniture pieces will keep the room visually interesting as well as spacious.

‍3) Be smart with furniture choices: Choose furniture that is adaptable to a variety of arrangements and rooms – look for glass surfaces and mirrored table legs that reflect light and make your space feel larger. If you’re really tight on space you can chose multipurpose pieces like daybeds that can be used as couches and a desk that can function as a table.

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