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Branding Tips During Covid19

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Coronavirus sanctions created a new and unexpected situation for most of the brands. Major events were cancelled, businesses are closed, there are travel restriction, yet the opportunity is there to reach more customers. So will you just wait and hope, or act and win?

In nature it is all about movements. Everything that is moving is not dead. This principle should be valid to the businesses as well.

In changing situation such as the Coronavirus outbreak it is easy to blame the outside factors. However we are in the same business jungle and the rules are the same for all of us. No exceptions. You can not change these factors, and believe it or not these factors influence also your competition not only you. It is all upon you if you will prosper or not. Because there is always something to do.

Normally if you are able to get a clear view on your goals then you have a much better chance to approach them. However the reality is very different, specially nowadays. Since major events and exhibitions are closed, and as various travel restrictions were implemented, many brands had to cancel their traditional approaches towards prospective clients.

The new goal is to focus only on what you can do now with all your assets. You need to bring out the best as much as possible from your current, existing knowledge, assets.

During this period of uncertainty we should not forget the not every marketing approach requires physical contacts. Many platforms are fully online or digital, also there are exclusive printed and online magazines in which to spread your message that are available.

UHNW Business Club: thanks to its digital surface you can reach out to Monaco residents and UHNW professionals. The UHNW Business Club connects industry leaders from HNW and UHNW environments and provides them with the right opportunities to interact online via our members only messaging platform. Membership plans

UHNW Magazine: Members Only magazine dedicated to the valued UHNW Business Club members. Published twice yearly, this exclusive magazine provides targeted visibility in this niche demographic to over 8000+ subscribers. Advertisement opportunities

Target HNW and UHNW art collectors: The Secrets of Art Magazine is aimed for those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture whether they are artists, art professionals, collectors or art lovers. Contact:

These sample platforms are perfect to spread your message in the Principality of Monaco and they are not limited by the coronavirus. Even so they can reach your audience in a much more effective way since your message will be delivered directly to the target group.

Digital platforms are all around us and a different approach offers offers the chance to prosperity.

Talk to us today, and ask us for a proposal that continues your visibility during this time.

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