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Introducing Gianluca Gaudio

Gianluca Gaudio

TV Art Live Monaco is managed by CEO Gianluca Gaudio, where his exclusive gallery filled with fantastic art, is also home to the exclusive Swiss watch brand BOVET 1822.

The GAUDIO GROUP boasts a number of TV and communication channels active in the fields of art, fashion and luxury goods. Founded by Gianluca Gaudio, the group is the brainchild of this famous Italian businessperson.

All programs are produced and broadcasted at their showroom at Rue du Berceau in Monte-Carlo.

The group operates via several brands, as well as via a joint venture with LUXE TV. TV Art Live LaBox Channel 262 is a Monaco channel dedicated to art and luxury investments. Specialising in the sale of works of art, it has also turned its attention to other fields: Watches, Lifestyle, Travels, Luxury cars, Restaurants, Hotels, Yacht, Events, VIP and everything related with investing in works of art and the most exclusive markets. In total, the channels reach 65 million paying TV viewers, constituting a selected target audience and one specifically concerned by the content.

The international market has always been TV Art Live’s natural environment”, explains Gianluca Gaudio, active in television for the last twenty years in Italy, “and our presence in Monaco has strengthened this feature even more. It’s worth pointing out that we’re one of a kind in Monaco and that all our work is created and lives here”.

Monaco is one of the most important global markets for investing in luxury goods and images. Investing in art, and in luxury good in general, is an interesting alternative to the financial market, in comparison to which it boasts the advantage of allowing investors to take full enjoyment from their purchase and to fulfil a passion.

Our television channels, concludes Gianluca Gaudio, allow companies and commercial players to benefit from high visibility within our programming and therefore to achieve more success in terms of sales. Be seen is our slogan, we constitute the ideal support for all your advertising needs”.

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