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Introducing Monte Carlo Beer

Monte Carlo Beer

On the 26th September in Monte-Carlo at our VIP event, we were privileged to host Monte Carlo Beer showcasing their new beverage to our VIP guests.

Co-founders Anthony Orengo and Morgan Jegou were in attendance and prior to the event gave us an exclusive insight into their concept to creation and the philosophy behind it.


Born in the South (of France) and having always been passionate about beer, our starting point was a simple observation:  on the French Riviera there are countless beers available on the market but there are not any light and really refreshing beers.  

The beers that are sold are mainly Belgian and Dutch, with a pronounced taste and often heavier.  That is why we came up with the idea of producing a regional beer combining lightness and smoothness. 


Refreshing, thirst-quenching, light and easy to drink” are the key words describing this beer.  In fact, these specific qualities really come from our wish to appeal to the greatest number. The beer also reflects the Mediterranean climate with its mild and refreshing taste.  

The main goal is to invite people to enjoy this beer in a sociable atmosphere. We are seeking to attract both the curious and the connoisseurs. We want to introduce them to this “bière de soif” or “session beer”, which thanks to its slight if any bitterness gives a really enjoyable taste. 

The Monte Carlo Beer stands out in this way thanks to its unique and distinctive taste providing lightness and shared enjoyment.


The Monte Carlo Beer is brewed in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region in Saint Raphaël situated in the Massif de l’Estérel (Esterel mountains) by Les Brasseurs de l’Estérel (Esterel Brewers). This is a traditional brewery which uses high performance technology enabling us to attain an optimum level of quality beer.  

Our objective is to combine the know-how of the best artisans with the use of the local workforce and regional products.  In this way we can carefully monitor the brews so as to avoid all health risks. 

We are also very attentive as regards the brewing process and in this respect tests are systematically carried out by an independent laboratory which is accredited by the Comité français d’accreditation (COFRAC) [French Accreditation Commission].

The Monte Carlo Beer recipe has been officially registered in order to protect and preserve its unique identity. 


This is a light lager “Pale Ale” type beer and is a blend of three malts and three hops produced in France, top fermented, with 4.5% alcohol. All our ingredients come from sustainable agriculture

Monte Carlo Beer is stocked in the following establishments:

  • Before (Monaco)
  • Woo (Monaco)
  • Brasserie du Mystic (Monaco)
  • La Pampa (Monaco ville)
  • Candy Street (Monaco Ville)
  • Sweetherapy (Monaco)
  • Pierre Géronimi (Monaco)
  • La Cambuse (Cap d’Ail)
  • Les Oliviers (Cap d’Ail)
  • La Volta (Menton)
  • L’Atelier D’Emile (Beaulieu sur Mer)

And more to come !

For further information on Monte Carlo Beer, contact the team on

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