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Introducing Maggie Webber


Maggie Webber – also widely known as “The Working Mother’s Mentor”- is a passionate Professional Speaker and Amazon International Best-Selling Author, plus a Start-Up and Small Business Coach and Consultant. More than 35 years ago she launched her marketing and management consultancy firm and has coached corporations and individuals ever since.

Micro Maggie’ is dedicated to her clients and provides them with a variety of tools to enhance their productivity, effectively manage stress levels, and attain optimal health and work/life integration. Over the years Maggie has personally coached many professional athletes, top executives and world-renowned entertainers, though today her primary specialty is working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and ‘corporate athletes’.

As part of her ‘Micro Maggie work, she holds Advisory Board positions for prominent organizations such as GCC – which funds a number of disruptive technologies such as Green Box Power, a patented Zero Waste to Power process; Rockstar Hubs International – the UK’s #1 Mentoring Company; Humanity1; Simple Drinking Water; The International Association For Social Media Professionals, whilst also spearheading the launch of the ‘Free Power and Water’ Foundation.

Maggie has served as a Keynote Speaker at the Women Economic Forum in London, The Hague and New Delhi. Initially she was inspired to help people achieve lasting success – in their work and all other aspects of their lives – during her studies with Dr. Deepak Chopra, and after becoming his first Meditation Facilitator in the Pacific Rim.

Maggie holds a Master of Commerce from UNSW, a Bachelor of Education from UTAS, and a Bachelor of Business Leadership from UNISA; and most recently became a Heartmath Resilience Advantage® Trainer. She has also created and facilitates an intensive 3-part program called “Wellness@Work” to various management teams and their staff.

As an avid yogini, Ayurveda and organic gardening devotee, you will often find Maggie on a yoga mat or knee deep in compost in her vegetable garden.

Her other passion is studying how the Blockchain will make the world a better, fairer and more sustainable place to live. She is just about to launch her second book “A Working Mother’s Guide to Blockchain and Crytocurrency”, as part of her mission to help educate and mentor women around the world about investing, the many pitfalls that may occur, helping to guide them into safer and more equitable investing that is beyond the traditional banking system.

Maggie Webber
Maggie Webber

To find out more about ‘Micro Maggie’ and the services she offers, visit her official website at Her ‘Macro Maggie’ work can be found at

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