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Results of 2016 population census in Monaco

2016 census / Photo via Government Portal

The Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE) recently published the full report presenting the results of the census, which established the population on 7 June 2016 at 37,308 residents (an increase of 5.5% compared with 2008), representing 139 different nationalities.

The report sets out the information gathered by means of the completed forms that were collected by the census agents, then digitised at IMSEE’s offices. Following the collection stage, the IMSEE team analysed the data gathered.

The census, carried out on average once every eight years, allows the population to be counted and provides an understanding of Monaco’s resident population and housing stock. It covers everyone living within the Principality’s territory.

Beyond simply counting the number of people and residences, the information collected assists and guides implementation of public policies. This information is a useful decision-making tool for the Government.

The most recent census in Monaco took place from 7 June to 29 July 2016. To achieve this snapshot of the Monegasque population and housing stock, the Principality was divided into eight sectors (Fontvieille, Exotic Garden, Monaco-Ville, Les Moneghetti, La Condamine, Monte-Carlo, Larvotto and La Rousse) which matched the country’s districts (as defined by Sovereign Ordinance), and then into more than 180 sub-sectors.

The census of the population, carried out on average once every 10 years, allows the population to be counted and provides an understanding of Monaco’s resident population and housing stock. It covers everyone living within the Principality’s territory.


As at 7 June 2016, Monaco’s resident population was estimated at 37,308 which is an increase of 5.5% compared with 2008.

It is also interesting to see that the Principality of Monaco has a female-male breakdown of 50.1% for the females and only 48.9% for the males.

The average age in Monaco is 46.5 years old. 45.5 for the male and 47.4 for the females.

A total of 139 different nationalities were recorded among residents. Furthermore the census recorded 8,378 residents of Monegasque nationality. This means 77.5% of the Principality is formed by the foreign residents.

More interestingly a quarter of all residents in 2016 had moved to the Principality of Monaco during the last eight years.

The majority of residents aged 17 or over live with a partner. More than half of residents live with a spouse.


Monaco attracts an educated population: 23% of those aged 17 and over hold the equivalent of a master’s degree (bac+5) or higher, and this figure increases to nearly 33% among residents who arrived in the Principality between 2008 and 2016.

In 2016, nearly one in two residents aged 17 or over was employed, and one in three was in retirement or retired from business. The level of unemployment among the population aged 17 and over was 2%. Among those in employment, 58% were men.

Almost 90% of residents who work are employed in the Principality. While in 2016, self-employed workers and company directors represented more than a third of the working population.


The total number of residential units in Monaco was estimated at 19,534 on 7 June 2016, of which 89% were main residences.

Sixty-three percent of main residences are occupied by at least one tenant or subtenant.

The Monte-Carlo district has the highest number of residences, while Monaco-Ville has the lowest.

The average number of rooms in a main residence in 2016 was 2.9.

Three-room homes are the most common type of main residence in the Principality. And 25% of households in main residences had at least one pet.

Households in main residences own an average of 1.4 cars.

The data collection phase for the last census of the population took place in Monaco from 7 June to 29 July 2016.

CLICK to download the full report (in French)

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